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RF4+ Air Suspension Management System

RF4+ Air Suspension Management System

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RF4T Remote Controlled Air Suspension Management

- Package Includes: 1 x RF4+ with accessories
- Type and Model: RF4-BCBR
- Features: Remote Control & Wired Remote

This is the next generation for our RF4 system. Better, faster and more accurate! A reliable remote controlled system for your Air Suspension needs.
- RF Range in wide open spaces: Up to 50 yards.
- Codification: Code Learning.
- Voltage: 12v.
- Maximum charge per channel: 2A.

You're still using that old, heavy and harnessed switch to control your air suspension? Step back, think and check our RF4+ system. :-)

Tech support is available by contacting us via WhatsApp Messages, link is on our website. Shipping Information Most orders placed are processed within 4 business day. Instagram: @hkiairsuspension

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