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Move-e Bluetooth Air Suspension Management System - Full Set

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MOVEE Bluetooth Air Management + 8 Valve Manifold (with harness) + Wireless Remote Control + Wired Remote + Height Sensors + Height Sensors Harness + Tank Pressure Sensor + Tank Pressure Sensor Harness + Accessories
The best air suspension management kit from HKI AIR Suspension! Full set!
- Package Includes: MOVEE Bluetooth Air Management + 8 Valve Manifold (with harness) + Wireless Remote Control + Wired Remote + Height Sensors + Height Sensors Harness + Tank Pressure Sensor + Tank Pressure Sensor Harness + Accessories
- Type and Model: MOVEE + V8 MANIFOLD + FULL SET of Accessories
- Features: Bluetooth, Phone App, Wired Remote

This is an advanced sensor based air management system. Sensor based, because it works with height sensors (but it also works with time, for those accustomed with our BT8T system) . With an advanced architecture, very responsive phone app and a beefy and sturdy valve manifold, it's the way to go when the time comes to finish your air suspension setup.

- Valve Manifold Max Pressure: 200psi
- Valve Manifold Ports: 4 x 1/4" NPT Lines + 4 x 1/8" Gauge Ports
- Valve Manifold Material: Aluminum
- Negative Switching (-)
- Valve Manifold Type: 4 Corner
- 2 x Inlet Ports + 2 x Exhaust Ports
- Includes a Wired Remote and Wireless Remote

Phone app is available to both Android and Apple iOS Wired remote is included in the package Manuals, tips and technical information is available by reading the QR Code on the box or by accessing our website.

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