HKI TRADE, L.L.C. is hereby referred to as HKI. The Purchaser, end-user, or installer is
hereby referred to collectively as CUSTOMER. By purchasing and installing any of the HKI products, systems,
or components to which this relates, CUSTOMER is deemed to agree with and accept the
terms and conditions below.

Limited Warranty
HKI will repair or replace any defective products or it's components during the period of 6 months, provided
that the products or components were installed exactly as instructed
herein, not modified or altered, and operated as expressly intended by HKI. Upon the return of a failed
component(s) at CUSTOMER’s expense, HKI will determine the cause of failure. If it is due to improper
installation or misuse of the system, as determined by HKI, a repair charge will be assessed, and the
customer will be contacted before work is performed or replacement parts are shipped. If the failure is due
to defectively manufactured parts, then HKI will either repair or replace the failed components, at their
own discretion and in a timely manner. There are no other warranties, express or implied, except as contained
in this paragraph.

Repairs and Returns
A Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA) is required for ALL shipments to ACCUAIR. This
number should be written in large letters on the shipping box. Call ACCUAIR to receive an RMA number and
send items to:

• HKI's products are intended and designed for off-road use. If a customer chooses to use
HKI's products on a highway, CUSTOMER understands that they do so at their own risk.
• HKI's products must be installed by a qualified professional installation facility, as recommended
by HKI.
• HKI's products may void or limit any manufacturer’s warranty or service contract covering
CUSTOMER’s vehicle. HKI shall have no liability for any effect that installation of its products may have
on such warranties or service contracts.
• HKI's products may drastically alter the performance characteristics of CUSTOMER’s vehicle and
may cause it to operate in a manner not intended by the vehicle’s original manufacturer. System operation and
installation is at the CUSTOMER’s own risk.
• CUSTOMER is responsible for periodically inspecting any and all HKI products or components
installed on CUSTOMER’s vehicle, to ensure they remain safe and functional. HKI shall have no liability
for any loss or injury caused by CUSTOMER’s failure to inspect.
• HKI shall have no liability for damage to property or persons caused by its products, components,
accessories, installation instructions, or otherwise. CUSTOMER alone assumes all such risks and liabilities.
• HKI accepts no responsibility for systems, products or components provided by other manufacturers
for use with or around the HKI system. For components other than HKI's, follow the
manufacturer’s instructions for installation and operation.
• HKI's liability, if any, shall be limited to the replacement cost of the purchased product or
• Any and all disputes between HKI and CUSTOMER relating to the purchase or installation of an
HKI product or component must be resolved through final and binding arbitration, applying the laws of
the State of Florida, and conducted pursuant to the Florida Arbitration Act.
Arbitration shall take place in Miami, Florida, and CUSTOMER
consents to personal jurisdiction in Florida.

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